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Who ate all the pies?

Bet Shaw Eats Pie

As Arsenal gave non-league Sutton United a lesson in football in the FA Cup, a man ate a pie. Crazy right?! But what is all the fuss about? Sun Bets offered customers 8/1 odds on Sutton’s substitute goalkeeper Wayne Shaw to eat a pie on live tv during the game. Effectively a betting company, financially backed by the rotten newspaper that is The Sun (a tabloid fairly familiar with controversy themselves) looked to mock a man who probably is a little out of place in football due to being overweight. But when he decides to have a laugh and go along with it, making the bookies look like the mugs it all backfires? Sutton United had made all 3 of their substitutions meaning there was no way any more changes could have been made so as far as I’m concerned the subs should all have gone and got a pie and chips to be honest. It’s not often you get to see a team like Arsenal knocking a ball around at your local club so you might as well make the most of it. But just because a betting company had decided they were going to mock Shaw, it all turns into a betting scandal. A man who clearly enjoys his pies decided he wanted to eat a pie. Don’t get me wrong if he’s betting on himself eating a pie then he’s wrongly made a decent profit on the feast but seriously. MAN EATS PIE WATCHING FOOTBALL.

S. Buxton