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Another Take at Jimmy Garoppolo’s Trade saga

Jimmy Garoppolo

February 25, 2017 and the NFL is active in yet another Free-Agency frenzy before the season begins. Just like every year there are various stars who are free agents. Now while the teams are constructing lucrative contracts for these players, the same teams are trying to place trade deals to improve their team. Among these blockbuster rumors, perhaps the biggest one is of Jimmy Garoppolo and his uncertain future.

The most obvious trade for Garoppolo seems to be to the Cleveland Browns for their 12th overall pick in the upcoming draft. By this trade, not only does the Browns acquire a quarterback who’s familiar with NFL but also someone who has learned from the best coach and perhaps the best mentor possible. Unlike the Quarterbacks coming in this draft, Garoppolo has experience and familiarity with the NFL and some including me would argue that he is also more talented than any of the QB’s in this draft.

Jimmy Garoppolo played a few games this year, some will say it’s not enough to judge him as a starter but I beg to differ. A player starting for an A+ team and completing over 60% of his passes without a single interception and making sure his team is winning is more than enough for a desperate team like the Browns to give away one of their first-round picks.

However, there is another option for Garoppolo. Rather than going to Cleveland he could work his way to Chicago. A team which at least has better chances on paper to be successful. Bears are actively looking to trade Cutler which could mean Cleveland coming in and taking Cutler or perhaps the Jets take him, one way or another, Chicago needs a quarterback and Jimmy might just have a better place that Cleveland.