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La Liga Barcelona FC

Barcelona FC

The Spanish La Liga is still not defined, many think that with the recent defeat of Real Madrid, everything has been defined and is in favor of FC Barcelona. But there are still several important weeks to play, where many things can be defined. No lie, La Liga is very tight for the first 3 teams, but the other teams can affect the future of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Sevilla. The smaller teams with less points in La Liga, they do not care who wins the title, and if they can sabotage some team, it will much better.


Each game counts

The definition of La Liga will be in few points, there are still 42 points to play in 14 weeks remaining. Real Madrid and Sevilla share the same amount of points, 52 points for both teams. FC Barcelona is in third place, below Sevilla, with 51 points. Each of these three teams must be very careful, they can not lose any game except to give points with draws. The last defeat of Real Madrid against Valencia, 2-1, caused FC Barcelona to fill with new aspirations to win La Liga, as they are closer to the number one.


Favorite to win La Liga

It is no secret to the Spanish press that the favorite team to take the La Liga title this season, is FC Barcelona. Although they are 3 points from first place, they only have to wait for Real Madrid to lose or draw again in the next 14 weeks. It is something that will probably happen. From Sevilla is not expected much, the team is weak and most likely they will be left with the third place. Although Barça is still hurt by the defeat 4-0 in Champions League against PSG, this will not prevent them from staying with La Liga.