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Top Quarterbacks in the 2017 Draft

2017 NFL Combine Top Quarterbacks

The NFL Combine is almost here, and following it is the ever-exciting Draft. Just like last year, teams are coming in hot looking for Quarterbacks. So, let’s look at potential future stars or busts.


  1. Deshaun Watson – A potential future Cam Newton…. Actually, let’s make that Russell Wilson considering his lack of size. Watson is labeled as the best prospect in the draft even though having a backdrop of turning over the ball way too much. However, that one negative trait can be overlooked by teams like the Browns could pick him up if they fail to secure a quarterback in the Free-Agency. The 49ers also have the 2nd overall pick which comes down to a face-off between Deshaun Watson and Mitch Trubisky which could see the 49ers lean towards Watson as a more stable option.
  2. Mitch Trubisky – Perhaps the breakout QB of this year’s college football season. Trubisky made a quick name for himself in this year’s draft ranking. Recently attracting even more interest as scouts and analysts dub him as a better option than Watson. Trubisky has shown a good tendency and success with rushing the ball in his last season which makes him a dual threat. Trubisky might just be a surprise pick in the first round that goes on to surprise us all.
  3. Patrick Mahomes – Maybe overlooked compared to other Quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes is gathering quite an interest as the combine comes near. Mahomes, unlike the other quarterbacks, suffers because of his team’s latest run of bad form. Mahomes could be a backup plan for teams in the 2nd round to add depth to their squad and may be a future star one day.